Warrington Gloria (Print edition)


Warrington Gloria was written for Anne Preston and the musicians of Sacred Heart Parish, Warrington.

The acclamations may be accompanied by keyboard or guitar. The flute part often (but not always) doubles the piano and will therefore “stand in” for those times when a keyboard player is not available.

A two-part choir line is included but the upper part alone may be used.

Includes guitar edition and flute part. However, the instrument pack includes parts for flute, trumpet or clarinet in Bb and trombone.

Although guitar chords are included in the print edition, the guitar/voice edition gives your guitarists fewer pages to handle – and saves paper!

Includes an A5 assembly part which may be reproduced on single-use service sheets.

The price of our print editions includes postage and packing. It might be more economical to look at the digital edition. You only buy what you need.

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Warrington Gloria is published with the approval of the Department for Christian Life and Worship of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales.


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