If you would like to host a Concept Music workshop for your parish or pastoral area, email us at

Please note, there is no charge for Concept Music events but your donations help cover our expenses.

Recent workshops include:

Unlocking the Triduum: Is the Easter weekend just a marathon of 60 pieces of music in three days? This workshop considers they key texts for the Easter Triduum and investigates music which only happens once a year. And it’s all simpler than you might think!

Sing a New Song:
 This is a repertoire session looking at the “new” translation of the Mass, launched more than a decade ago. This could be the time to expand your repertoire.

The Singing Community: What should you sing and how do you persuade your assembly to sing it? This workshop explores the role of parish musicians and how detailed planning can help build your parish repertoire.

Singing Psalms: The apostles sang psalms at the last supper – and we’ve been singing them ever since. This workshop considers music for the Liturgy of the Word and explores psalms for the Communion Procession.

Or perhaps you need a workshop tailored to the the specific needs of your community. We’re happy to help.

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Nick Baty studied at Colchester School of Music and at the University of Liverpool where he researched Music for the Assembly since 1967. He has worked in parish music for many years and has taught at The City of Liverpool College since 2005.

Nick’s music may be found in the following collections.