Seanathair Acclamations


Seanathair Acclamations is designed to be flexible and can be sung with simple piano, organ or guitar accompaniment or with the addition of choir and/or melody instruments.

Although a choir part is provided here, the choir parts alone can be found in Seanathair Acclamations (Choir parts). The soprano line can be used without the alto and bass to provide a simple descant.

The instrument pack includes parts for three instruments in C and Bb. This edition includes an A5 assembly part which may be reproduced on single-use service sheets.

Seanathair is Celtic for “grandfather” and this setting is dedicated to all those who have gone before us marc├ílite leis an comgartha an chreidimh.

Seanathair Acclamations is published with the approval of the Department for Christian Life and Worship of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales.


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